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Gartner® Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2023

The mission of today's security teams is clear: protect the company from emerging cyber threats. What's less clear is how to ensure stakeholders understand the impact of their programs. Traditional security reporting focuses on threats and vulnerabilities and how many were stopped and prevented, but non-technical stakeholders-who are concerned with the business's bottom line and how these threats can impact business continuity-need to know how these activities translate to tangible business values. As risk is tied to revenue, security teams need a simple way to understand and share the real efficacy of their programs with their stakeholders.

Four Pillars of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

Today's CISOs and security teams must constantly validate security controls to identify gaps, remediate misconfigurations, and optimize performance against a rapidly increasing threat landscape. Breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions-designed to continuously test the effectiveness of security controls and identify potential vulnerabilities-have emerged as a powerful tool to help organizations navigate this new reality. But not all BAS platforms are created equal.

Securing DNS: How to protect your business against security and performance pitfalls

This whitepaper discusses the many challenges that DNS providers and users face including massive cyber attacks as well as performance and reliability issues, and how Cloudflare can help resolve these challenges, ensuring business continuity.

SASE For Different Verticals

When exploring a revolutionary architecture like SASE, it helps to have specific, relatable examples. SASE overlaps both networking and security spaces, sometimes making it difficult to see the whole picture. In this new eBook, we explore what SASE looks like for 5 different industry verticals: Retail & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Credit Unions, Health & Pharmaceuticals and Technology. Many of the benefits of SASE can provide value to any organization, so even if your specific vertical isn't covered, you should take a look!

The Business Case for Security Transformation with Cato SSE 360

Organizations require an understanding of the positive ROI implications of security transformation with a holistic, cloud-delivered security architecture. A well-formed security transformation strategy provides an objective cost analysis of potential savings gained by retiring traditional security tools. Understanding how a single converged software stack provides both a financial ROI and a technical ROI will help organizations uncover hidden savings to be gained with their transformation projects.

Extend identity governance to secure your enterprise

What if you could take your organization's governance of identities and access rights of users, and extend it to protect privileged access, applications, cloud infrastructure and data? What if you had an entire identity governance framework under which you could integrate and manage all your systems? Then, you could extend a comprehensive and efficient identity governance strategy across your entire organization.

10 Steps to enhance the agility, security and performance of Active Directory

Maintaining Active Directory (AD) in a clean, organized and secure state is a challenge, particularly for user accounts. Learn 10 steps you can take to enhance the agility, security, and performance of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. This process is key to efficiency, security and compliance. We will take you through each step, demonstrate why it's important and what it will enable your team to do faster and more securely.