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How do Investigators Know How Fast a Car that was Involved in an Accident was Going in NJ?

After a car accident on New Jersey's busy highways, determining the speed at which the vehicles were traveling is critical for understanding the circumstances and establishing liability. In New Jersey, investigators employ various techniques and methodologies to estimate the pre-impact speed of the cars involved, whether the accident occurred in an urban area like Newark or Jersey City or a rural area like Sussex County.

Advanced GDPR Compliance Strategies for Cybersecurity

As digital transformation continues to multiply pathways to personal data, complete GDPR compliance is getting harder to attain. Whether you’re a data protection officer or a cybersecurity professional helping your organization remain compliant, this blog suggests advanced GDPR compliance strategies you may not have yet considered - beyond that delightful cookie consent notice we all love.

What is an efficient tool for criminal case management and biometric evidence analysis?

Criminal investigations need to be on point and effective. Thanks to the latest tech, law enforcement teams now have some fairly cutting-edge tools at their disposal for cracking cases and excavating biometric evidence. In this blog post, we're going to explore why these tools are absolutely crucial and the tremendous difference they make in police work.