and Fiddler AI Announce Strategic Collaboration for Responsible AI Development and Fiddler AI Announce Strategic Collaboration for Responsible AI Development

Plano, TX – June 18, 2024 –, a leader in AI privacy and security solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Fiddler AI, a trailblazer in AI explainability and transparency. With a total of $47 million in funding, Fiddler AI empowers organizations to build trust in their AI systems by making complex models interpretable and transparent, thereby enhancing model performance and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and ethical guidelines.

This collaboration brings together two complementary strengths: AI Explainability and AI Privacy. By combining's expertise in AI privacy with Fiddler AI's prowess in model transparency, we aim to create a comprehensive framework for responsible AI that addresses both transparency and security. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering AI innovations that are both ethical and secure.

Amar Kanagaraj, CEO of, remarked, "Our collaboration with Fiddler AI marks a significant step towards responsible AI development. Together, we will provide robust solutions that not only safeguard data privacy but also ensure AI systems are transparent and accountable. This collaboration aligns with our mission to support organizations in building secure, ethical, and high-performing AI models."

To celebrate this collaboration, and Fiddler AI are hosting an exclusive dinner event in Plano, Texas on June 27, 2024. This event is specifically designed for Chief AI/Data Officers, offering a unique opportunity to network with peers in the Data and AI sectors and discuss the future of responsible AI. We invite you to join us for this intimate gathering to explore how our combined solutions can benefit your organization.

Please RSVP by completing the form at the following link: Exclusive C-Suite Dinner on Responsible AI if you are a Chief AI/Data Officer

For more information about our collaboration and the exclusive dinner event, please visit our websites at and Fiddler AI.