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Digital Twins

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AI Assist is a groundbreaking generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that is now integrated into Forward Enterprise. This cutting-edge feature empowers NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps professionals to gain comprehensive network insights and expedite solutions for their most demanding intricate network challenges through natural language prompts.

How to find #rogue #networkdevices in your network #networkengineer #forwardnetworks

Do you have rogue devices in your network? Worried they might ruin your chill holiday break? Special Guest Jack Shen will show Mike Lossmann how to make a 'naughty list' with Network Query Engine and gain some network peace of mind this year.

Getting #disa #stig compliance straight with a network #digitaltwin #forwardnetworks

How can federal agencies possibly comply with the HUNDREDS of complex specifications in the DISA STIG compliance checklists? Join Mike Lossmann and Federal Technical Solutions Engineer Sean Deveci for this week’s Demo Tuesday to learn how a network digital twin can streamline your federal network compliance and give you full confidence heading into an audit.

Forward Networks Delivers First Generative AI Powered Feature

Natural language prompts put the power of NQE into the hands of every networking engineer As featured in Network World, Forward Networks has raised the bar for network digital twin technology with AI Assist. This groundbreaking addition empowers NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps professionals to harness the comprehensive insights of NQE through natural language prompts to quickly resolve complex network issues. See the feature in action.

Taming Network Complexity with Digital Twins

Digital twins are often associated with manufacturing, where a virtual replica mimics the workings of a complex physical system, such as a jet engine or a machine on a production line. But increasingly, there is interest from enterprises, telecom companies, and cloud providers in applying the technology to networks.

AI and digital twins: A roadmap for future-proofing cybersecurity

Keeping up with threats is an ongoing problem in the constantly changing field of cybersecurity. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into cybersecurity is emerging as a vital roadmap for future-proofing cybersecurity, especially as organizations depend more and more on digital twins to mimic and optimize their physical counterparts.

Security Field Day 10

It's that time of year again when the security delegates from Tech Field Day descend on Silicon Valley (well, in this case, descend virtually on Silicon Valley) to hear about the cool new things vendors are doing in the security space. This year, I was fortunate to be one of the presenters at XFD10 along with my partner in crime, Matt Honea, Head of Security and Compliance at Forward Networks.

Forward Networks Digital Twin Prevents Misconfigurations Identified by CISA and NSA

In a recently released Cybersecurity Advisory, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) highlighted the most common cybersecurity misconfigurations in large organizations identified through blue team and red team assessments. The advisory stated that these misconfigurations illustrate systemic weakness in many large organizations, including those with mature cyber postures.

Digital Twin Technology Included in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking, 2023

Navigating the ever-changing technology landscape is challenging, especially with the constant influx of new technologies. The Gartner Hype Cycle methodology gives you a view of how a technology or application will evolve over time, providing a sound source of insight to manage its deployment within the context of your specific business goals. The Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking, 2023 includes digital twin technology.