Gartner® Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2023

Gartner® Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2023

May 19, 2023

The mission of today’s security teams is clear: protect the company from emerging cyber threats. What’s less clear is how to ensure stakeholders understand the impact of their programs. Traditional security reporting focuses on threats and vulnerabilities and how many were stopped and prevented, but non-technical stakeholders—who are concerned with the business’s bottom line and how these threats can impact business continuity—need to know how these activities translate to tangible business values. As risk is tied to revenue, security teams need a simple way to understand and share the real efficacy of their programs with their stakeholders.

To ease reporting, SafeBreach is introducing the Security Posture Optimizer, which makes it easy to understand the overall impact of evolving threats on your organization by distilling your attack simulation results—representing security control performance—from the SafeBreach platform into a high-level snapshot of your security program’s efficacy.

Join us on June 6th at 12 pm ET for a live webinar as SafeBreach experts show how organizations achieve business and security program alignment by utilizing Security Posture Optimizer. We’ll also discuss:

  • Identifying and highlighting security trends to key stakeholders – A CISOs perspective
  • Quantifying and monitoring security posture using a clear score
  • identifying performance gaps across various attack vectors
  • Analyzing results and optimizing remediation efforts